Wall Panels

At WISCO – Walk In Shower Company – we specialise in decorative wall panels for your brand new shower, all of which are bespoke fitted on site to make sure they fit perfectly to your shower to complete your dream bathroom. We are the only company in Warwickshire who fit bespoke wall panels; as we specialise in low maintenance, easy to care for bathroom solutions, shower wall panels are one of our most popular and top selling products. Shower wall panels are so versatile that they will fit perfectly into any style of bathroom, leaving you with a practical space which also looks clean and stylish. A bespoke shower wall panel allows you to design and create your own ideal space. All of our wall panels are coated with an anti-organic, anti-mould protector which will ensure your shower stays looking clean and fresh, keeping cleaning and maintenance to a minimum and fitting in perfectly with every lifestyle.

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What is a shower wall panel?

A shower wall panel is the ultimate versatile way to fit a waterproof panelling system, without the issues of installing tiles. Most of our wall panels have a moisture resistant MDF core, with a high- pressure laminate backing that is designed to deliver a smooth, watertight finish. This means that our shower wall panels are stylish, tough, hard wearing, stain resistant and totally hygienic.

Why choose a shower wall panel over tiles?

Shower wall panels are a perfect fit for any bathroom. Our shower wall panels are designed to create a seamless, watertight finish, meaning that the wall panel is easy to wipe clean. A wall panel acts instead of tiles to create a waterproof area within and around your shower. A shower wall panel fulfills all the requirements you need from tiles, but with many extra benefits. Shower wall panels are so versatile that we can make them fit perfectly into any space, looking as if they have (literally) been designed and made especially for you.

A shower panel means that there is no need for grout, as unlike tiles there is no need to work around the edges to create a watertight seal; the shower panel is watertight the whole way around. Not needing grout is good for a number of reasons and means that panels are quick and easy to fit, resulting in you having to pay for less labour. The wall panel also gives your bathroom a modern seamless finish, and also means no more mouldy walls!

On average, wall panels are 25% cheaper than installing tiles as less labour time is required.

What styles of wall panel can I choose from?

At the WISCO – Walk In Shower Company – we have a large range of materials and styles to choose from when you are considering a shower wall panel for your dream bathroom. This includes; glass, acrylic, artisan, traditional, modern and natural. This wide range of styles and materials have different ‘pros and cons’; our experienced and knowledgeable team at WISCO will advise you about which shower wall panel will be best for you and your needs.

At WISCO, we value customer service above everything else. From planning to installation, we love our customers to be 100% satisfied with our service.[/read]


Mermaid Boards at WISCO

Our wall panels for showers are provided by Mermaid panels; Mermaid wall panels are Europe’s leading wall and shower panel supplier and have been for the last thirty years. This has meant that Mermaid has had time to really perfect their wall panels, making them perfect for your home, with a wide range of designs and styles to suit whatever kind of bathroom you would like.

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Antibacterial wall panels

The Mermaid panels which we stock are fully antibacterial, as they have anti-organic and anti-fungal coatings. This means that (unlike traditional tiling solutions) Mermaid panels will not become mouldy or gather bacteria in the grouting like tiling solutions do; there is no grout used in Mermaid board solutions, resulting in no more grouting problems for you. The antibacterial nature of Mermaid boards means that they are highly practical for busy lifestyles, or ideal for those with disabilities and the elderly. This is because Mermaid boards need little to no maintenance and because of their antibacterial qualities, they basically clean themselves. Mermaid boards also come with a 15 years’ watertight guarantee, meaning that Mermaid wall panels will really last you and give you a beautiful, long lasting bathroom solution.

Mermaid wall panels pride themselves in being easy to clean. Even in hard water areas, watermarks on Mermaid boards are minimal and are easily wiped away because of the finish of the Mermaid board.

Mermaid Boards for your Dream Bathroom

Mermaid boards offer glass, acrylic and laminate ranges, meaning that whatever kind of board you want for your dream bathroom, Mermaid can offer you a perfect solution. All of Mermaid’s boards have a uniquely classical, yet mistakably up to date feel. With Europe’s widest range of choice for shower wall panels, Mermaid is an obvious choice when it comes to wall panels, providing you with a huge range of high quality boards to choose from.

Cost effective

Mermaid boards are also a great way of saving some money on the overall price of your bathroom. Purchasing Mermaid boards instead of tiling your whole shower area is on average 25% cheaper, which is a massive saving on the whole bathroom fitting. Mermaid boards are also much easier to fit than tiles. This means that the installation of your bathroom will be quicker than if you decided to go with traditional tiles, meaning less workman costs, and less disruption in your home during installation. Installing a Mermaid panel instead of tiles means that you will be without your shower for much less time, which is great for you!

Mermaid panels are best suited for fitting to the all, however Mermaid is also a great way of covering a small area of the ceiling that is prone to mould or damp (for instance above the shower), to decrease maintenance of your home and to alleviate worry about mouldy ceilings and the damage that damp is known to cause.

As Europe’s leading supplier of shower boards, Mermaid boards provide you with quality shower wall panels with a 15 years’ watertight guarantee. We work with Mermaid boards because they have a wide range of boards in different finishes and patterns, meaning that there is always a type of board to suit you and your style, as well as being reliable and cost-effective.[/read]

The Wall Panels have been split to a range of six different categories. All the products have all the Mermaid benefits: