Endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders

You\u2019ve probably heard of Which? Trusted Traders. They have been active for over 50 years, testing a multitude of products and services. They\u2019re now doing the same for traders, so customers know without a doubt that they\u2019re working with a reputable company. Might you also have heard of the Which? Best Buy Award and the Which? Trusted Trader Icon. They highlight the best traders out there so you don\u2019t need to worry about getting the level of service you require. This is why Wisco Shower Company is proud to be endorsed by Which? Trusted Traders!\n

How Which? Trusted Traders Choose To Endorse Companies\n

Which has a thorough assessment process that allows them to select only the best traders to endorse? It isn\u2019t easy to pass these tests, so you won\u2019t just find any old company endorsed on their site! To check the health of the business and how secure they are, Which? Perform a credit check. Many consumers chosen at random by Which? are then consulted to get an accurate picture of the level of service received. Business procedures are then examined and after that a Which? Assessor visits the business to be interviewed. When the Which? The team are happy that they\u2019ve found a reliable company to endorse, the company must then sign a code of conduct and agree to the terms and conditions. Then the company is free to tell people they are a Which? Endorsed Trusted Trader. You can rest assured that only the best businesses pass this rigorous process. You also have extra peace of mind, as Which? Has the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman in case anything should go wrong.\n

Learn More About Our Services\n

If you find us on the Which? Page it\u2019s easy to find out at a glance which services we offer. We have over 30 years experience, have built thousands of bathrooms and endeavour to build the bathroom of any customer\u2019s dreams. We think this is one of the reasons why Which? Choose to endorse us. Which? Were happy with our claims that our bathrooms are stunning, hygienic, high quality and fitted by professionals.\n

See High-Quality Pictures Of Completed Work\n

On the Which? Page there are just a few pictures of some of our best work. These pictures show off our intricate tiling and installation work and can give you an idea of the kind of quality to expect from us. You can see walk in showers, floating sinks, and even wet rooms that we\u2019ve spent our time on.\n

See Ratings And Read Customer Reviews\n

To top it off, you don\u2019t just have to take our word for it, or even Which?\u2019s word for it. You can see our ratings and read customer reviews from real people. We are recommended by 5 out of 5 people so far. We\u2019ve scored extremely highly on customer service, value for money, and quality. The reviews outline our hardworking ethic, professional manner, and helpful nature. With Which? Endorsing us and everybody we work with recommending us, choosing to work with us should be an easy decision to make.\n

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