Thinking Outside the Box – Bathroom Transformations

When it comes to bathroom transformations, too many people think inside the box. A generic transformation usually includes things like a change in colour scheme, different floor tiles, a new bath, etc. While all these changes can be great and turn an old bathroom into something beautiful, there’s still a lot more than can be done.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve put together a bathroom transformation post for everyone that wants to think outside the box. Take a look at a few of our ideas and be amazed at what you can achieve with a proper transformation:

Increase Bathroom Space

There’s nothing worse than a small bathroom that feels incredibly cramped. This room needs to feel spacious and help create a more relaxed atmosphere. You may be fooled into thinking your bathroom is destined to be small forever because you inherited a small bathroom from the previous homeowner. But, here at WISCO, we can remove walls to create more space and build a larger bathroom area for you. Now, you’ll have enough room to not feel cramped, and can get a bigger bath in too – for added relaxation!

Separate Your Toilet

A brilliant way to transform your bathroom and make it even better than before is by separating the toilet. Take your toilet out of your bathroom, and we can build a separate space for it. By getting rid of your toilet, you have more space to play with and can include something extra in your bathroom instead. How about a fancy new bidet to go alongside your luxurious bath? Or, removing a toilet paves the way for a box shower installation meaning you can shower or bathe depending on how you feel. Plus, it means someone can still use the toilet even when you’re in the bathroom, which puts an end to you having to rush through your routine every morning while someone needs the loo.

Create A Wetroom

One of the many mistakes people make is that they transform their bathroom within its current confines. What I mean by this is that if you have a bath, you tend to transform your room by getting a new bath. However, think outside the box and do something completely different. Create a wetroom or walk in shower and your bathroom will look completely different. We have all the tools available to allow us to install wetrooms in any home. We can move walls to help fit the wet room in your bathroom or create something new from scratch. Our company could create an ensuite wet room that makes the perfect accompaniment for any bathroom. This means someone can walk into the wet room and use the shower while another person is in the main bathroom using the bath.

At WISCO we’re much more than bathroom fitters. While a big part of our work revolves around adding things to bathrooms, we can also help you transform one into something new and exciting. We provide a full building service and can help you think outside the box when it comes to bathroom transformations.