Thinking Outside the Box – Bathroom Transformations

When it comes to bathroom transformations, too many people think inside the box. A generic transformation usually includes things like a change in colour scheme, different floor tiles, a new bath, etc. While all these changes can be great and turn an old bathroom into something beautiful, there’s still a lot more than can be done.

Bearing that in mind, we’ve put together a bathroom transformation post for everyone that wants to think outside the box. Take a look at a few of our ideas and be amazed at what you can achieve with a proper transformation:

Increase Bathroom Space

There’s nothing worse than a small bathroom that feels incredibly cramped. This room needs to feel spacious and help create a more relaxed atmosphere. You may be fooled into thinking your bathroom is destined to be small forever because you inherited a small bathroom from the previous homeowner. But, here at WISCO, we can remove walls to create more space and build a larger bathroom area for you. Now, you’ll have enough room to not feel cramped, and can get a bigger bath in too – for added relaxation!

Separate Your Toilet

A brilliant way to transform your bathroom and make it even better than before is by separating the toilet. Take your toilet out of your bathroom, and we can build a separate space for it. By getting rid of your toilet, you have more space to play with and can include something extra in your bathroom instead. How about a fancy new bidet to go alongside your luxurious bath? Or, removing a toilet paves the way for a box shower installation meaning you can shower or bathe depending on how you feel. Plus, it means someone can still use the toilet even when you’re in the bathroom, which puts an end to you having to rush through your routine every morning while someone needs the loo.

Create A Wetroom

One of the many mistakes people make is that they transform their bathroom within its current confines. What I mean by this is that if you have a bath, you tend to transform your room by getting a new bath. However, think outside the box and do something completely different. Create a wetroom or walk in shower and your bathroom will look completely different. We have all the tools available to allow us to install wetrooms in any home. We can move walls to help fit the wet room in your bathroom or create something new from scratch. Our company could create an ensuite wet room that makes the perfect accompaniment for any bathroom. This means someone can walk into the wet room and use the shower while another person is in the main bathroom using the bath.

At WISCO we’re much more than bathroom fitters. While a big part of our work revolves around adding things to bathrooms, we can also help you transform one into something new and exciting. We provide a full building service and can help you think outside the box when it comes to bathroom transformations.



Bathe in safety as well as in style

When you’re designing your bathroom, you don’t just want it to be stylish. You need to make sure that it’s safe to use. Not just for you, but for your children and anyone else living in the home. Is it possible to bathe in safety as well as style? It certainly is, and we’re going to show you how.

Install Decorative Bars and Handles

If there is anyone with mobility issues in the home, you should consider installing some decorative bars and handles. This will make it easier for them to get in and out of the bath independently. These handles don’t have to intrude on the style of the room. Instead, they can be purchased to match the style of towel hangers and made of the same material as the bathroom taps. This is an easy way to ensure that they just look like another part of the room, rather than an add-on.

Add A Little More Light

Visibility isn’t always an issue in the bathroom, but it can be. Particularly, if your bathroom is in the middle of the home and doesn’t have a window to let in natural light. In this situation, you should think about installing brighter lights in the bathroom. This doesn’t have to mean more power spent on electricity. Instead, you can use LED bulbs for spotlights over the key areas in your room.

Think About Height

Don’t forget, when you’re designing your bathroom to think about height. If you have children or anyone in the family who has mobility issues you don’t want them reaching up to get something. Keep shelving, electric outlets and any other add-ins low. This will ensure there are no accidents with children crawling on top of the bath to reach the toothpaste.

Buy Some Stylish Mats

You want a few mats in your bathroom to reduce the risk of slips and falls. When you step out the bath or shower, water is dripping off you. This makes the floor slippery and a nasty fall is waiting to happen. With a couple of well-placed mats, you can make sure you’re stepping on solid ground. You might also want to look into purchasing a rubber mat for the bottom of your bath. It won’t take away from the bathing experience and will ensure you don’t slip as you step out of the bath. You can buy mats and rugs in a whole range of different styles to suit your bathroom. They don’t have to look odd or mismatched with the rest of the room.

Be Careful of Candles

Candles can be a wonderful way to add a mood and atmosphere to your bathing time. Lighting candles, particularly scented ones, can make your baths more relaxing. You do, however, need to be careful where you place these candles and how many you leave around. Ideally, you want to make sure that candles are kept in strong holders and not just placed randomly around the bathroom. This makes them a lot safer and easier to use while still adding a lot to your style.

The Benefits of choosing decorative wall panels for your bathroom

If you’re redesigning your bathroom this year, we think you should look into using decorative wall panels. It’s an easy way to waterproof the walls of your bathroom or shower and a great alternative to tiles. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using wall panels in your new bathroom.

Easy to Clean

If you’re like us, you hate the job of cleaning the bathroom. It has to be done though and why not make it easier with wall panels?  Wall panels are flat and smooth, so they’re easy to clean with a mop or sponge. Unlike tiles, you won’t have to worry about dirt and grime building up in the space. Any dirt can be wiped clean off, and it makes maintaining your bathroom a breeze.

Create A Personal Style

Decorative wall panels can come in all different styles and colours. This makes putting your own mark on the bathroom a piece of cake. If you want your bathroom to stand out and be the centrepiece of your home, this is the right choice for you. Whether you want a marble effect on the wall or the colour of a gorgeous summer sunset, decorative panels can make your dreams come true.

Fit Right In

Since decorative wall panels are completely versatile, they’ll fit right into your bathroom. You won’t have to worry about them looking odd or uneven. They can easily be slotted onto your wall and look like a natural part of the bathroom. Rather than being an add-on, these panels can seem like an almost organic part of the room design.

No Grout So No Problem

Installation is quick and simple too. With a wall panel, there’s no need for grout, and that’s great. Less time is spent fitting the panels, and this means that you’ll be paying less for labour. As such, you can cut the cost of your bathroom remodel right down. There’s another advantage to not using grout of course.

No Mould

Ah, mould, the bane of every homeowner’s existence. It won’t be a problem in your bathroom if you use decorative wall panels. The reason for this is that mould often builds up on or around the grout. If it’s on the tiles, it’s easy to wipe off. With wall panels, it doesn’t have anywhere to build up in the first place. Decorative wall panels also often have a layer of anti-mould protector to stop any chance of the ugly eyesore developing.

Tough And Stain Resistant

After a while, tiles start to look old, worn and faded. They might even need to be replaced, particularly if they start to let in the damp. You won’t have this problem with a decorative wall panel. These panels are built to be strong and long lasting. Due to this, they will never need to be replaced. They won’t wear away either and will always look as new as the first day of installation.

Modern Style

Finally, decorative wall panels look modern and stylish. Tiles have started to become old fashioned and have even been phased out of the kitchen. If you want your home to look stylish, don’t install tiles in your bathroom. Instead, use a decorating wall panel and give your bathroom a unique look and feel.

What is Home Improvement Insurance?

Just about everybody has made a home improvement or is at least considering it. Making home improvements has so many different benefits. You can improve the look of your home and transform it into your dream home with a few changes. You can add value, so you get more money when you decide to sell it. You can make it suit your lifestyle. You don\\u2019t even have to consider moving to a house more suited to your needs. Stay where you are, and make home improvements instead. Stay in the house you\\u2019ve made so many memories in! One thing a lot of people forget in all of the excitement though is home improvement insurance.\\n\n

The Benefits Of Having Home Improvement Insurance\\n\n

Home improvements aren\\u2019t cheap. They can cost thousands, to tens of thousands and upwards of that. You might think that you\\u2019re covered with your current home insurance policy, but this is likely not the case. You could easily invalidate your home insurance, whether you\\u2019re knocking down walls or adding a room onto your home. Not only that, you\\u2019ll need to make permanent changes to your building\\u2019s insurance policy. It\\u2019ll simply cover the building as it currently stands. You will need to call up your providers and discuss the work you\\u2019re having done with them. You\\u2019ll need to ask if you should make changes to your policy, so you don\\u2019t end up invalidating what you have currently. Calls are recorded, so you\\u2019ll have evidence that you did this should anything go wrong. However, one thing both of these insurance policies don\\u2019t cover you for, is the company you\\u2019re working with going out of business. You aren\\u2019t covered if they don\\u2019t complete the work.\\n\n

When you decide to work with any home improvement company, you\\u2019ll be required to put down a deposit in order to secure the work. However, there\\u2019s nothing stopping that company from shutting down before the work is completed. What would happen to your money?\\n\n

Usually, the money would be lost into the ether and there wouldn\\u2019t be anything you could do about it. A deposit doesn\\u2019t mean anything if the company cease to trade. That\\u2019s why getting home improvement insurance, and altering your other insurance policies, is crucial. Not only can The Walk In Shower Company complete your home improvements, we are members of Home Improvement Protection. This means we can provide this type of insurance for you!\\n\n

It\\u2019s safe to say that we\\u2019re all a little obsessed with home improvements in the UK! Only half of people who had undergone work on their home, however, updated their insurance policies. This means the other half of people are winging it and hoping for the best. You never know what might happen. You could be left with a huge bill due to unfinished or incorrect work. Worse still, you could lose a huge deposit for work that hasn\\u2019t even been started, let alone completed! You don\\u2019t want to be faced with this kind of stress when you\\u2019re supposed to be excitedly planning what to do with your home. Make sure you protect yourself by working with a company who can offer you everything!\\n”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download\n”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Choosing the right shower for your bathroom

Choosing the right shower system for your bathroom is vital. A lot of people are unaware of how many different options there are available to them. This guide will help you understand how to choose the right shower system and wash away those bathroom woes.\n

How Much Space Do You Have?\n

The first question to ask yourself is how much space do you have in your bathroom? This will have a huge influence on determining what type of shower you get. If you have a lot of room, then you can get deluxe walk-in showers that take up lots of space. They\u2019re more comfortable as you have more room to move around in and won\u2019t feel cramped. If space is an issue, then you may have to consider a smaller shower cubicle that only fits one person.\n

Do You Want A Bath?\n

Believe it or not but your bath can also help you choose the right shower system. If you want a bath, then you could get an integrated system with it. It\u2019s a bath\/shower combo, saving space and looking elegant. You can relax in the tub and scrub in the shower.\n

What Features Do You Need?\n

Different people require different features for their dream shower. For example, if you\u2019re mature and can\u2019t stand up for long periods, you need a shower with a seat. This means you should get a system big enough to contain it.\n

How Much Power Do You Want?\n

There are some people out there that like lots of power in their shower. Pressure is a big talking point when it comes to finding the right system. It can feel better but you use more water with a high-pressure power shower. Certain systems only go up to a certain pressure level, you could rule them out if you want a very powerful shower.\n

What Controls Do You Prefer?\n

Shower systems come with many different control options. You have some that get turned on by buttons on the main control panel. From there, you can press the options you want to set the pressure and turn dials to change temperature. Other ones will use simple valve handles and not bother with a control unit. You turn a handle to set the pressure and twist another to set the temperature. Decide how you\u2019d prefer to control the settings on your shower system.\n

What Kind Of Shower Head Do You Want?\n

Shower heads come in all shapes and sizes with different functions. You get some that are circular shaped and can be twisted to change the way the water flows through. Similarly, you have others that are longer and more rectangular shaped. Choose the head shape and design that you prefer most. Furthermore, do you want a fixed or removable head? Fixed ones stay in place always and the height and angle can be adjusted. Removable ones can be taken out of their fixture and be used to wash your body from different angles.\n

Ask yourself these questions and your answers will help you choose the right shower system. This is a big decision so take your time and choose one that fits all your wants and needs. \u00a0\n”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download