The Benefits of choosing decorative wall panels for your bathroom

If you’re redesigning your bathroom this year, we think you should look into using decorative wall panels. It’s an easy way to waterproof the walls of your bathroom or shower and a great alternative to tiles. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using wall panels in your new bathroom.

Easy to Clean

If you’re like us, you hate the job of cleaning the bathroom. It has to be done though and why not make it easier with wall panels?  Wall panels are flat and smooth, so they’re easy to clean with a mop or sponge. Unlike tiles, you won’t have to worry about dirt and grime building up in the space. Any dirt can be wiped clean off, and it makes maintaining your bathroom a breeze.

Create A Personal Style

Decorative wall panels can come in all different styles and colours. This makes putting your own mark on the bathroom a piece of cake. If you want your bathroom to stand out and be the centrepiece of your home, this is the right choice for you. Whether you want a marble effect on the wall or the colour of a gorgeous summer sunset, decorative panels can make your dreams come true.

Fit Right In

Since decorative wall panels are completely versatile, they’ll fit right into your bathroom. You won’t have to worry about them looking odd or uneven. They can easily be slotted onto your wall and look like a natural part of the bathroom. Rather than being an add-on, these panels can seem like an almost organic part of the room design.

No Grout So No Problem

Installation is quick and simple too. With a wall panel, there’s no need for grout, and that’s great. Less time is spent fitting the panels, and this means that you’ll be paying less for labour. As such, you can cut the cost of your bathroom remodel right down. There’s another advantage to not using grout of course.

No Mould

Ah, mould, the bane of every homeowner’s existence. It won’t be a problem in your bathroom if you use decorative wall panels. The reason for this is that mould often builds up on or around the grout. If it’s on the tiles, it’s easy to wipe off. With wall panels, it doesn’t have anywhere to build up in the first place. Decorative wall panels also often have a layer of anti-mould protector to stop any chance of the ugly eyesore developing.

Tough And Stain Resistant

After a while, tiles start to look old, worn and faded. They might even need to be replaced, particularly if they start to let in the damp. You won’t have this problem with a decorative wall panel. These panels are built to be strong and long lasting. Due to this, they will never need to be replaced. They won’t wear away either and will always look as new as the first day of installation.

Modern Style

Finally, decorative wall panels look modern and stylish. Tiles have started to become old fashioned and have even been phased out of the kitchen. If you want your home to look stylish, don’t install tiles in your bathroom. Instead, use a decorating wall panel and give your bathroom a unique look and feel.