20 Questions You Should Ask About Accessible Bathrooms Before Buying

Do you need an accessible bathroom in your home? Here are some of the questions you need to think about before you commit to purchase.\n

1) How Much Space Do You Have to Work with?\n

Think about the space you have in the bathroom and whether or not you have room for all the options. You may need to think carefully about what you need in your bathroom.\n

2) Have You Thought About Height?\n

An accessible bathroom needs to have light switches that are lowered so they can be reached. It should also have basins and sinks that are lower than normal. Think about the height of a wheelchair.\n

3) Do You Need a Wet Room?\n

You can consider whether you want a wet room or a walk in shower. It does depend on the ableness of the person using the bathroom.\n

4) Is Maintenance an Issue?\n

If you\u2019re worried about maintenance, you may want to opt for a wet room. These are easy to clean, mopping the entire surface.\n

5) Do Doorways Need to Be Widened?\n

If the user of the bathroom is in a wheelchair, you may need to think about widening the doorway. While expensive, this is often the most practical option.\n

6) What Tasks Will the User Be Completing Themselves?\n

You need to think about where accessories such as handlebars need to be placed where users won\u2019t have help.\n

7) Do You Need to Change the Lighting?\n

It\u2019s not just the height of switches that you need to consider. You should think about whether the lighting is bright enough. Poor visibility could make the bathroom dangerous to use.\n

8) Is There Enough Room for Two People?\n

Be careful about how many accessories and items you add to the bathroom. It needs to be big enough to accommodate two people.\n

9) Is It for Someone Living Independently?\n

Again, think about what items and add-ons you\u2019ll need if you or someone else is living independently\n

10) Is The Water Safe to Use?\n

Temperatures should be changed or lowered so burns are not a risk.\n

11) How Can They Access the Bath?\n

If you need a bath, you can buy one with a door that makes access easy.\n

12) Will They Be Able to Use the Shower by Themselves?\n

Some walk in showers don\u2019t have edges. This makes them a lot easier to use for wheelchair users.\n

13) Does The Floor Present a Hazard?\n

In an accessible bathroom, floor mats are often not used. While safer in one way, it does make falls a lot more dangerous. You need to look at the different materials to make the floor safer.\n

14) Can You Handle the Cost?\n

Converting a bathroom to make it more accessible can be expensive. You need to consider different costs.\n

15) Have You Found the Best Price?\n

Don\u2019t forget to look at different sellers on the market. You need to find the best price for your budget.\n

16) Will You Bet Completing Some of the Work Yourself?\n

If you\u2019re completing some of the work yourself, think about quality. A poor build could make your bathroom more dangerous for disabled users.\n

17) Is It Designed for The Individual?\n

You need to think about the person using the bathroom. A person with a wheelchair will need different equipment compared to someone using crutches.\n

18) Do You Need All the Items?\n

Depending on the bathroom user, you may not need all the equipment recommended for an accessible bathroom.\n

19) Have You Compared Different Choices?\n

There are plenty of different options to consider for your bathroom. Think About them carefully and choose the design that\u2019s right for you.\n

20) Will Your Bathroom Still Look Stylish?\n

Absolutely! There\u2019s nothing to stop your accessible bathroom still looking like a fantastic, stylish part of your home.\n

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