Wall Panels

At WISCO – Walk In Shower Company – we specialise in decorative wall panels for your brand new shower, all of which are bespoke fitted on site to make sure they fit perfectly to your shower to complete your dream bathroom. We are the only company in Warwickshire who fit bespoke wall panels; as we specialise in low maintenance, easy to care for bathroom solutions, shower wall panels are one of our most popular and top selling products. Shower wall panels are so versatile that they will fit perfectly into any style of bathroom, leaving you with a practical space which also looks clean and stylish. A bespoke shower wall panel allows you to design and create your own ideal space. All of our wall panels are coated with an anti-organic, anti-mould protector which will ensure your shower stays looking clean and fresh, keeping cleaning and maintenance to a minimum and fitting in perfectly with every lifestyle.

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Mermaid Boards at WISCO

Our wall panels for showers are provided by Mermaid panels; Mermaid wall panels are Europe’s leading wall and shower panel supplier and have been for the last thirty years. This has meant that Mermaid has had time to really perfect their wall panels, making them perfect for your home, with a wide range of designs and styles to suit whatever kind of bathroom you would like.

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The Wall Panels have been split to a range of six different categories. All the products have all the Mermaid benefits: